Deer Management in Mississippi

Interested in managing your Mississippi deer hunting property for quality whitetail? The Mississippi State University Extension Service will host three deer management workshops in August for hunters, land managers and forestry professionals interested in learning more about white-tailed deer management. Speakers at the deer management workshops will cover a wide variety of topics, including deer… Read More »

Michigan Deer Permits: Apply for Whitetail Hunting

Michigan Antlerless Deer Permits My freezer looks empty so deer hunting season can not get here soon enough. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources reminds hunters that the application period for antlerless deer permits is now open and runs through August 15. Hunters may apply for one license in any open Deer Management Unit (DMU)… Read More »

Molasses Blocks for Deer as Attractant & Bait

Deer hunters are always looking for a bait or attractant that will give them an edge while hunting. Molasses blocks may do just that. It was livestock producers that were among the first to use molasses as an additive in mineral supplements. And let’s face it, nothing beats the nearly universal appeal of molasses’ sticky,… Read More »

The Feed Station for Deer

A good feed station for deer will help whitetail stay in the area you hunt and manage. Whitetail bucks are food-focused outside of the rut. Maintaining supplemental feed for deer is not good for keeping them on your property, but also a great way to maintain body condition for bucks and does. Increased nutrition leads… Read More »

Best Rated Crossbow for Deer Hunting

Crossbows have a place when it comes to deer hunting. The challenge is still getting close to game when hunting with a crossbow, but these pieces of equipment offer more reliability with hunters that have not had the time to master more traditional archery equipment. Browning Crossbows has just released on of the best rated… Read More »

Best Game Camera to Hit the Market: G34 Pro

G34Pro: A Solid Camera for Scouting Deer Hands down, this is one of the best trail camera to hit the hunting market (for the price) in some time. Stealth Cam, introduced in the year 2000, quickly became the leader in scouting camera innovation. Continuing to advance technology to the next level, Stealth Cam introduces the… Read More »

Thermal Imaging Camera for Hunting, Game Retrieval

A thermal imaging camera has its place when it comes to deer hunting, especially when it comes to tracking shot deer. Enhanced game retrieval will help other hunters, too, so it’s time an affordable camera come to market to meet the demand. Enter Seek Thermal. They recently debuted their new Seek RevealXR FastFrame – all-in-one… Read More »

Plotwatcher Pro Game Camera: Must Have for Food Plots

A game camera compliments a high quality food plot. Each is great, but together they can elevate your deer hunting game. Day 6 Outdoors, the maker of the PlotWatcher Pro trail camera, knows that trail cameras can revolutionize whitetail hunting. Trail cameras allow you to scout every day without leaving scent or blowing deer off… Read More »

Moultrie A-10 & A-10i Game Cameras for Hunting

Moultrie Products has a couple of new game cameras for deer hunting enthusiast, like us. Moultrie Products, a leader in game camera design and innovation, introduces two new high-quality game cameras for hunters and game managers who want high-end performance without the high-end price tag. Moultrie A10 The all-new A-10 and A-10i take everything Moultrie… Read More »